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Around the Clubs


Jon Naughton has organise some great clothing deals. Golden Breed Longboarder Jackets with embroided club logo are going fast @$65. Grab him at the next comp & check out the clubs range of hats, shirts & jackets.  


Congrats to Shane McAlpine who just retired after 6 years as Surfing Victoria's Longboard Rep. Great job. Glen Emslie is now a Surfing Victoria Director. A Longboard Committee formed of members of both Maladiction & Surfcoast Longboarders includes Glen, Mal Stafford, Jon Naughton, Noel Shanhan & Andy "Bundy Bear" Long. They're now working with Surfing Victoria. Special thanks to 2003 sponsors: GOLDEN BREED, for supplying Comp T's, BALIN, MAUI JIM SUNNIES, MORDY SURF CENTRE, OCEAN & EARTH, FRIEDMAN FLYERS, IMPERIAL, TRIGGER BROS, SOUTHCOAST LONGBOARDS, & XILSE. 

East Coast - 15/16th Feb.     Inverloch - 12/13th April.    Surfcoast - 17/18th May

Results & aggregates at

Congrats to the Club members claiming  nearly every State Title.

Open; Tom Strang    Juniors; Andy Warhurst    Womens; Jan Dunton    Over35s; Steve King         Over45s; Tony Ried    Over50s; Phil Trigger & Over 55s; Jack Triep. 

Shane Waterfall is producing some classic fins ,so give him a call with your fin wish. Ph 03  5983 6304

Congrats to Herman "The Terminator" Scholtan  who can now surf in the Over 50's. He's also claiming  responsibility for his nephew winning the 2002 Australian Junior Longboard Title  at Lennox Head. Hermy, Thommo & Mal "Chainsaw" are leading a Southern Peninsula delegation to Lombok to discuss International Peace Measurers & test Global Water Warmings. 

Steve Friedman has Matt Lumley testing his boards after riding one in the Aussie Titles. Phone 03 5988 6487. Steve had success at the recent Malfunction & Noosa longboard comps. He made it to the Amateur Final competing against some kids 30 years his junior. Steve has a special board for sale at present. It's a Fun Hog "T" band. Original Fun Hog logo with 3" centre stringer ( 2"balsa, 1" cedar), volan cloth & heaps more. He can be contacted on the number above. 

Tom Reid laid his claim for "Gash of the Month" with a 12 stitch fin cut at 13th Beach while free surfing. 

Scotty "The Shutter Bug" Wintle has a new sponsor in Rio Grande Tequila.

Jack Triep has his Surf Art & Trophy web page set up , so have a ganda.


AUG 9 - 10 

Living up to its name, The Winter Classic started with onshore solid surf at Pt. Impossible on Saturday Morning. Special thanks to Leroy for organising the Quiksilver tent. No shortage of judges as the tents were the best protected spot to watch the surf. With Brownie missing Chris Meyer took over as camp cook (I'm not havin a go at your apron either, Chris). Revised format saw the Grommets in the water first (what's new) followed by the Old Mal contestants. They should have all received a trophy for  battling the conditions. "Big Kev" Hunter thought he was on his Macca board & tried to "hit the lip". Scotty Wintle  showed early style attempting to win his 1000th Winter Classic Old Mal Title. The "Matties" Robertson & Lumley, also showed class in the rugged conditions. Lumpy received his latest Friedman Flyer late Friday night & had managed to incorporate some extra art work prior to his first ride. Brewie did the usual & arrived just in for his  heat. He blamed food poisoning for poor showing in the Open heat but we know the truth! The girls got to surf a final on both days with results combined. Young Queenslander Rhett McIntosh  adapted to the cool conditions by wearing his complete wardrobe all at once, but produced some hot surfing in the Open, Juniors & Noserider. Rob Emslie displayed the surfing talents that have seen him become the 1st Victorian to compete on the longboard International circuit. Graeme Slade surfed to his normal high standard & John Lane displayed  local knowledge surfing in his backyard. Mark Warhurst came close to wave of the day using  his 10 footer. As Saturday wound down, competitors started preparing for the Winter Supper at Laney's. Glen Emslie cooking skills were tested on the spit again with Craig 'The Enforcer" Robertson displaying his treasury skills. Rumors abound as to the last to leave & where they partied after, but I'm not into gossip.

Sunday at Pt Impossible with clean offshore conditions with good shoulder high waves on the sets. With only a couple of semi's & finals to run the day promised an early finish for those that had to travel or even an early afternoon surf for all.

Final results to be listed shortly.