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Pacific Longboarder has  a club profile on Maladiction Longboarders in its next issue. Due out before Christmas.

Looking for that special Chissy present for the Surfer with everything? The Club has a limited supply of Gumby Locks (a device that locks your ocker to your vehicle). Hard to find in the shops & with a RRP of $70 (steak knives not included) the Club is literally giving them away for $50. Thats right folks! Just $50. Further info e-mail maladict@

McTavish Invitational

 This event again brought together some of the different tribes of longboarders. East & West coaster, crew from interstate as well as some pro longboarders. Legends & would be legends. Held at Torquay on November 17 & 18 with good waves on Saturday & horrendous gale force onshore conditions on Sunday. Heaps of Club members made the journey & many featured in the various Finals. Herman "The Terminator" Scholtan teamed with Joel Reid in the Noosa 66 teams event & came up against Bob McTavish & Jason Blewitt in the 1st round. Hermy was stoked & also had his photo taken with the legends. Maladiction's Tony Reid & Phil Trigger made the final of the Noosa 66 event only to be edged out by Ray Gleave & Peter Parsons (NSW). In the Junior Final, Maladiction members took out the top 3 placing's. Aaron Brew shed the Bridesmaid tag & clinched a win over arch rival Al McKendrick. Andy Warhurst placed 3rd  & could well be the only trophy winner smaller than presenter Mr Robert McTavish. Ever improving Jordie Brown took out 4th position. In the Girlies Final, Maladiction Jan Dunton & Felicity McKendrick battled the terrible conditions to finish 2nd & 5th respectfully. Nerida Williams 4th & Annette Payne 3rd with Jenny McCarthy continuing to add to her very successful year. Maladiction members made up 4 of the 5 finalist in the Over 45's. Mark Warhurst & Brewy finished 5th & 4th.(I'm told their performance was not effected by their late departure from the Torquay Hotel that morning?) Andy Long took out 3rd, John Ayton 2nd leaving Phil Trigger (competing in his 6 heat for the day )the winner. The Open was won by Tom Strang, who took on high profile longboarders Josh Constable, Grant Thomas & Ray "The Godfather" Gleave. This continues Tom's winning form having beaten Dane Wilson in a  Maladiction Club comp & also winning the Australian University Longboard Title. Congrats Tom. Plan are already under way for next years event which might be moved to early November & maybe 3 day format. Don't miss it! 

P.S. The party at McTavish shop was a hoot too.






Pines 21/6/01 - Photographs from Anthony Wood - Click on Thumbnails for larger view.

pine216.jpg (149149 bytes) pines216.jpg (152049 bytes)

Saturday 1st July - Presentation Night

The presentation night was sensational. All of the attendees refrained from drinking any alcohol due to the fact they were in training for the early surf on Sunday morning. Bundy only drank Coke, Brewey was restricted to water. He was heard to say "I find water a much more cleansing tonic than that horrible beer". See Photo Album

More info on Around the Clubs.