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Around the Clubs


At a recent meeting of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, permission was granted for the removal of 26 pine trees from Shoreham Beach (otherwise known as "The Pines"). The trees to be removed are along the creek & we are told this will have little effect on the view at the beach. The Club's main concern is, will eventually all the pine trees be removed? If so will it still be called the Pines. May be we should be looking at planting Norfolk pines now, so our kids can still go surfing at The Pines.




Congrats to Maladiction members who competed in the State Rounds earlier in the year. 

Al McKendrick -  Victorian Junior Champion  2001, Mick Brockley  -  Victorian Over 35 Champion 2001,  Jack Treip - Victorian Over 55 Champion 2001                               

Other winners: Rowan Panozzo - Victorian Open Champion, Jenny McCarthy  - Victorian Women's Champion, John Lane - Victorian Over 40 Champion, Billy Lucas - Victorian Over 45 Champion & Bob Smith - Victorian Over 50 Champion

From these Comps our State Team  was selected for the National Titles held late October  in WA & Maladiction members performed well. Steve King made 3rd in the Over 35 Semi's, Phil Trigger placed 3rd in the Over 45 Semi's, Al McKendrick placed 4th in the Junior's Semi & Doug Warbrick placed 4th in the Over 55 Legends. Other Vicco's to do well were Kane Tankard in the Open,  John Lane reached Semi's in the Over 40's, John Panozzo reached Semi's in the Over 50's & Congrats to Jenny McCarthy who added to a very successful year by winning the  2001 Australian Longboard Titles Over 28 Women's Division. In the Teams event Victoria came 3rd.(For all results check out Surfing Australia web page.) Mal Stafford continues to broadening his medical knowledge. After his recent ear operation, Mal has returned to Hospital, this time for surgery on a damaged arm/tendon thanks to  the big surf of WA. Appears his arm might be out of plaster for Christmas. Rumour has it, other Team members are hoping the doctors can stop him snoring. The big surf of WA also broke  a number  of mals. Aaron Brew showed great sportsmanship by retrieving a fellow competitors board, only to find himself in the impact zone & had his board creased. Thanks to Phil Trigger's Mobile repairs Aaron was able to surf  his board again. Only this time he snapped it in 2. Al McKendrick was kind enough to lend his board to Brewy Junior & yep, he creased that too. Matt Lumley received nomination for the GonadMan Award taking on hugh shoreys. Ted Bainbridge was nominated for Party Animal Award for eagle rocking in the Feral Bar  at Caves House. Steve King received a mention on Surfing Australia's web page for his true spirit of surfing & sportsmanship for retrieving a fellow competitor's board during a heat. Steve's mum acted as team chaperone. She has probably heard about Phil Triggers & John Lane's all night parties.